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Thursday Tips

26 Feb

Send Mini Grant Notes and Photos

We appreciate receiving notes and photos about the success of your mini grant projects.  Here is one we love from criminal justice teacher Brandon Ferrell of Sullivan North High School. Mr. Tollett,  First of all, I want to thank you and your organization for generously donating the funds to make this grant possible. I know that through…Read More

11 Feb

WeTransfer – Thursday Tip

Here is a new, easy way to send photos, videos and summaries instead of using drop canvas. Watch this video to hear why we are changing to WeTransfer and how easy it is to use. Download the step-by-step info sheet. Print it out and keep it for easy access.  

21 Jan

Unforgettable Appreciation Days – Thursday Tip

As you finish up Food Service Day and look towards Principal Day coming in February, consider thinking outside your “appreciation day box”.  Whether this is your 5th appreciation day coming up or your 50th, think about making the honorees’ day unforgettable. Here are some ways to do that: Involve more students in the celebration. Use…Read More

1 Oct

New Packet Format Thursday Tip

Welcome back to Thursday Tips! This week is all about following the motto Everyone Does a Little so No One Does a Alot. Here’s what you do: 1. Break your A-Team into 3 groups: Action Team, Creative Team and Paparazzi Team 2. Work with the principal to recruit an adult staff member as leader of each of the…Read More