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May 2016

Anderson County-Special Teacher Celebrations

Anderson County Career and Tech SchoolWe were finally  able to pull off the Special teacher Appreciation Day!!! The A-Team worked really hard making posters for the “Special Day”!! They also gave the Special Teachers a goodie bag along with a certificate of appreciation. To top off the day, the whole staff pitched in and we had a Soup Salad and fruit lunch with dessert for our special teachers!! Everyone had a great time in this part of the jungle! Click here for the photos.

Anderson County High School – Click here for the photos.

Andersonville Elementary School – AES is bananas over our Special Teachers! Students throughout the school made bananagrams to show their appreciation. Goody bags were filled with cookies, candy, and popcorn! The entire staff celebrated these hardworking teachers by enjoying dessert. We even had banana pudding made by our wonderful principal! Click here for the photos.

Anderson County-Special Teachers-1

Claxton Elementary School – Click here for the photos.

Clinch River Community School – This month students in grades K-12 at CRCS celebrated special teachers. Since our alternative school requires the employment of teaching assistants and crisis personnel, we chose to celebrate these employees for all of their hard work. Without them, the rest of the staff would not be able to maintain our positive school environment.

Students in elementary and middle school grades assigned each of the twelve employees a “spirit” animal to augment the Jungle Book theme. Each animal illustrated individual qualities that make each staff member important. The students used a variety of media to create totems of the animals and later posters. Animals created with crayon and paint were transformed into personalized cards. High school students helped assemble the artworks and hang them in the hallways. In music class, elementary school students created a song composed of jungle rhythms dedicated to our TAs. Staff members contributed to a luncheon catered by the neighborhood restaurant, Harrison’s. It was a wonderful occasion and we are so appreciative of our very important staff members. Click here for the photos.

Clinton Middle School – The UTrust teams decided they wanted the Easter bunny to come visit their special teachers and staff. There were lots of smiles. Click here for the photos.

Dutch Valley Elementary SchoolDutch Valley Elementary honored our special teachers during the week of March 29th. Students made thank you cards for each teacher. A special bulletin board was created with the jungle book theme in mind. The bulletin board read “. It’s a jungle out there! We would be lost without our special teachers! Each teacher was represented with a vine and leaves that included compliments and thanks. We ended the week with a special lunch and each teacher received a goody bag of “Bare Necessities” for their journey thru the “jungle”. Click here for the photos.

Grand Oaks Elementary SchoolThere was a ‘rumble in the jungle’ at Grand Oaks Elementary School in Anderson County, as we honored our Special Area teachers. Each teacher received an animal print goody bag with visors, drink huggers, treats, and letters of appreciation from students. Their doors were decorated with a jungle theme, and special announcements paid tribute to them throughout the week. Our Special Area teachers are part of the ‘bare necessities’ of life at GOES! Click here for the photos.

Anderson County-Special Teachers-2

Lake City Elementary School – We are especially fortunate to have a great group of special teachers at Lake City Elementary. This group includes all our related arts educators, special education support teachers, and reading specialists. This month one our first grade classes performed at an assembly program using the Jungle Book theme. Each student had a speaking part in the program that concluded with a special song with movements developed by the students. The special teachers were seated in front of the stage wearing the school-made pith helmets, binoculars and special teacher T-shirts. The T-shirts had a Jungle Book Graphic and read “It’s a jungle out there and we could not make it without our special teachers.” We treated our Special Teachers with a jungle-themed luncheon. Each grade level took on a responsibility in providing the meal and support staff helped in setting up the lunch area. A 6-foot sub sandwich “snake” adorned with olive eyes and a red fruit roll-up tongue was the centerpiece of the buffet that included pasta salad and chips. Desserts included jungle fruit favorites such as banana pudding, fruit salad, raspberry-carrot cake, and chocolate rainforest cupcakes. Soft-drinks and tea were provided as the teachers sat down to enjoy each others company in the relaxed, peaceful setting. The special teachers had been sent electronic invitations for both events prior to the lunch. The room was decorated with paper made grapevines and a large, student made palm tree display. Stuffed animals were placed throughout the room and a sounds of a rainforest soundtrack played in the background.The palms on the tree were outlined with gratitude words and signed by every student of Lake City Elementary. As a special gift, and two weeks prior to the celebration, the students had held a drive to collect as many new stuffed animals as possible from the school. A note sent home to parents informed them of the upcoming appreciation day and stated that any collected stuffed animal would be donated to the local Rocky Top Police and Fire Department to be given to kids in crisis situations. These stuffed animals decorated the special luncheon and then were delivered to the local chief of police. We all sometimes feel that it is a jungle out there, and we sincerely appreciate all that our special teachers do to help us every day.  Click here for the photos.

Norris Elementary SchoolWe appreciated our special area teachers by presenting them with a goody basket filled with items sent in by our wonderful parents at school! We love our special area teachers and loved appreciating them for everything that they do for our students everyday! Click here for the photos.

Norwood Middle SchoolNorwood Middle School had a wonderful time honoring our special teachers and staff! After hanging our notes of appreciation around each door, the students led an assembly honoring our Jungle Heroes! During the assembly, the staff did an excellent job acting like a line of elephants! They were treated to a delicious meal the next day from the local Mexican restaurant. Click here for the photos.