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June 2016

Anderson County Support Staff Celebrations

Anderson County Career and Technical School – Today is Support Staff Appreciation Day and the staff did an amazing job. Donna and I had no clue that anything was planned for us. The A Team kept it under the belt for sure with Judy Miller’s (Family and Consumer Science Teacher) help. They made giant cards with a  sketched portrait of us. And had the staff to sign them. The staff prepared a potluck lunch of lasagna, salad, ham, chicken and dumplings, green beans, fruit, desserts and drinks!! We received appreciation cards and a Wendy’s gift card from Tommy our custodian. We also got a Michele’s gift card to get a manicure and pedicure day and gave us princess crowns to wear!! The day was a big surprise, and a lot of fun. Click here for the photos.

Anderson County High School – We love our secretary’s here at ACHS! Our kids love making them things!’  Click here for the photos.

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Andersonville Elementary School – Brick by brick Andersonville Elementary is building something GREAT! We celebrated our incredible support staff for the way they help us every day. Students throughout the school expressed their thoughts about the uniqueness of each support staff and the traits these staff exhibit. Our LEGO construction site highlighted those traits for each staff member. The entire school staff celebrated with a “Build–A–Snack” snack bar. Support staff were presented with goodie bags filled with treats. We appreciate our support staff! Click here for the photos.

Claxton Elementary School -Click here for the photos.

Clinch River Community School – This month, CRCS celebrated the hard of work of support personnel, including the academic coach, counselors, bookkeeper, secretary, and vocational rehab coaches. Students in elementary school made posters for the staff members using the Lego theme. They personalized each poster by creating our very own support staff Lego women and man! Staff members also celebrated with a luncheon catered by Rolling Smoke food truck. Honorees received free meal tickets for the occasion.  Click here for the photos.

Clinton High School – At CHS, we combined Special Teachers & Staff and Support Staff Appreciation days. It’s more fun when we celebrate together! The staff all enjoyed receiving notes from students. They also enjoyed lunch from Salsarita’s, which is always a favorite! The Lego-themed sign is hanging by the front office, so everyone can see who we are appreciating today. Click here for the photos.

Dutch Valley Elementary School – Support staff members were honored at a special assembly; A team members presented each person with a Lego brick of compliments, a goodie bag that said, “you are Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! and a butterfly tote bag. They were also honored with a special taco bar luncheon. Our support staff are crucial to the success of our little school and we appreciate everything they do! They enjoyed their day.  Click here for the photos.

Grand Oaks Elementary School – GOES celebrated our support staff on Thurs. Apr. 7th and are so thankful they keep us ‘connected.’ Support staff members received a Lego themed goody bag. The hand sanitizer inside had legos floating to remind them “We would walk on Legos for you!”  Support staff pictured include Ms. Helen and Ms. Shirley educational assistants, Nurse Jana, and Ms. Faith from our After-School program. We appreciate our support staff! Click here for the photos.

Lake City Elementary School – Support Staff Appreciation Day with the Lego theme was such a fun way to show our Support Staff just how much we appreciate their sup0rot and help each and every ay. They are truly AWESOME! They help us keep our foundation strong so that we continue to build great relationships and a positive and successful future! Click here for the photos.

Norris Elementary School – We Celebrated our Support Staff at Norris Elementary School by having our students stop by and say a special thanks to them, our students also made cards and we made them a goody basket with some treats!  Click here for the photos.

Norwood Middle SchoolNorwood Middle had a great time celebrating our office staff! During our school-wide assembly, the staff danced, played “Getting to know you,” and even attempted to build a tower. They were thankful the game wasn’t too embarrassing this time! Thursday they enjoyed a delicious lunch while the other staff volunteered to work in the office! The office ladies truly help keep our school connected!!  Click here for the photos.