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May 2016

Benton County-Special Teachers Celebrations

Briarwood School– Click here for the photos.

Camden Elementary School – It was truly a jungle at Camden Elementary during Special Teachers Appreciation Day! These teachers joined in the fun by dressing with the Jungle Book theme. Each were presented with their own safari hat and animal mask so they could choose what character they like best. The PTO outdid themselves with a feast fit for a king(of the jungle, of course) Jungle vines were hung over each teacher’s door, and showered with notes of thanks from classes throughout the day along with swinging with a song from some students. The teachers loved the letters and hugs were given out in bunches that day. Click here for the photos.

Benton County-Special Teachers

Camden High School – All of our teachers are special at CHS, but this month we celebrated some extra special teachers! They fearlessly brave the jungle everyday, and we are just bananas over them!  Click here for the photos.

Camden Junior High School – It’s a jungle out there! But with the right guidance counselor, Mrs. Hollingsworth helps our students like Bagheera, and our little “Mowglis” can find their way through the tangle of troubles. With the terrific conditioning the coaches provide, they have the endurance and stamina to see their way through anything. And like Baloo the Bear, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Bilderback add some artistic flair with music and art to make things fun and lovely, and they can sing, dance, and make their world a more beautiful place. For those needing a little extra help, our speech and special education teachers step up and move them forward, swinging them into the exciting life awaiting them. If they fall and scrape their knee, we have our wonderful Nurse Mandy to help them up, putting on a band-aid with a little extra love. Some need a quiet, personalized environment to work; structure is a good choice. Colonel Hathi has nothing on our ISS teachers! All these special area teachers are very much appreciated in our school. To show our appreciation, the students made a vine around the cafeteria doors and decorated it with leaves telling each teacher what makes them special. Posters decorated the hallways and students colored coloring sheets from the movie, “The Jungle Book”. Treat bags, bananas, and water bottles were given to the teachers while students joyfully sang “Bare Necessesities”. King Louie would have been proud of the crazy party we had to celebrate our special teachers. Click here for the photos.

Benton County-Special Teachers 2