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June 2016

Benton County Support Staff Day Celebrations

Big Sandy School – Click here for the photos.

Briarwood School Grades 3-5- BRW A team celebrated with Lego theme. Students decorated doors, posters, notes and gift bags. The ladies were treated to Sonic blast drinks for a refresher and donuts for breakfast. They even created a guess the lego game. One teacher won an additional prize. Lots of fun! Click here for the photos.

Benton County Support Staff

Camden Elementary School – Everything was Awesome” on Support Staff Appreciation Day at Camden Elementary. Doors (and desks) were decorated and the Support Staff were treated to an awesome breakfast. Announcements had been made and the marque announced it to the community. Awesome notes of thanks were done individually and as a class. The staff loved being sang to and receiving a Lego bag packed full of fun and a special thank-you gift from the office. The staff stated their thanks to the PTO and all the students who made their whole week AWESOME! Click here for the photos.

Camden Junior High School – On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Camden Junior High showed just how much we stick together. Our Support Staff helps to build us up all year long, and we appreciate them enormously. Our students got together and cut out big Duplo blocks with appreciation notes written on them to hang on the walls throughout the school. The A-Team built several walls closest to the Support Staffs’ working environments. They also decorated doors made to look like Legos with messages written on the “bricks” where the Lego logo would normally go. Students and teachers brought in Legos and Duplos to decorate the Support Staff workroom. Although it was a crazy day, the A-Team did get called out twice to have a chance to show their appreciation. Treat boxes and water bottles with drink mixes were given out, and we also had a small brunch style “Build Your Own Snack Station” with Ritz crackers, Black Forest ham, cubed Colby Jack cheese, chips, and gummy treats. Our school continues to build a community of happiness with the help of our Support Staff. They are our foundation, and we depend on them! Click here for the photos.

Camden High School – CHS was excited to honor our support staff this month! They are an integral part of our school and help keep us connected! We wouldn’t LEGO of them for the world! Click here for the photos.