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June 2016

Benton County Teacher Day Celebrations

Big Sandy School – Big Sandy School celebrated teachers with Sail Away theme. Teachers were treated to a day on the beach. Sand buckets and bonnets made for a relaxing event. Kind words from students continued throughout the day. Lunch was provided by administration and parents. Way to go Big Sandy teachers. Click here for the photos.

Briarwood School – Briarwood School had a wonderful day celebrating teachers. Each A-team and Gforce decorated their teacher’s door. Others brought in food as if the teachers were on a cruise. Many gift items were added to their sand buckets by community, parents and students. Click here for the photos.

Camden Elementary-Teachers at Camden Elementary sailed away into summer by being celebrated all week by students and volunteers.  Announces were made each day reminding students to make their notes of thanks and present them to their teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day.  Some classes made their teacher a Life Preserver of Thanks and one class serenaded all our teachers over the intercom with a original song.  A Light the Way party of food was set up for the teachers to enjoy all day.  The front bulletin board honored the teachers and the marquee proudly announced to the community our special our teachers are.  They were also presented with a special treat bag and jar filled with candy.  Teachers responded their thanks for all the food provided throughout the week, but were especially touched by the special notes of thanks.

Benton County

Camden High School – CHS celebrated our wonderful teachers all week long! A boat load of foods and gifts was showered upon them, as well as a bulletin board in their honor. Our teachers deserved this week of appreciation! We hope it put the wind in their sails to help them coast on into summer break! Click here for the photos.

Camden Junior High School – Teacher Appreciation Day is the biggest day of the A-Team’s year because we have so many people to honor all at once. It is a high tide to end the school year on! It’s smooth sailing from here on out because of our wonderful staff, our students, our parents, and our community! Thank you to everyone who made these weeks so special. Click here for the photos.

Holladay School – Check out our great Teacher Day photos.  Click here for the photos.