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November 2015

Clinton Middle School celebrates Superintendent Foster

Clinton Middle School is a great example of how this program really can work in the middle school setting. Below is their summary of Superintendent Appreciation Day. What a great day! Read this and get LOST in the celebration Indiana Jones-style:

What would CMS be without the amazing Larry Foster, director of Anderson County School’s? LOST!!!
We started our appreciation day for Mr. Foster’s Indiana Jones-style leadership with a huge CMS Pep club greeting to the theme music from Indian Jones! The cheer and dance teams held signs welcoming Mr. Foster to the “CMS Adventure” and cautioned him to “enter at your own risk”! The crowd was filled with characters you would see in any Indiana Jones film…ninjas and all!

Mr. Foster was presented with gifts collected from area businesses and original artwork…just like a quest from the movies.  Then a real ninja flipped onto the scene to present Mr. Foster with a map to guide his adventure! He donned his Official Indiana Jones hat and hit the trail on his real CMS adventure, with a ninja and trusted companions to 2guide his way and decipher the clues hidden in the map.

Along the way he encountered a friendly tribe of 6th graders, gathered for a feast. They shouted out thanks for a job well-done

and, of course, offered a gift.

He was then led by his entourage to hear the delightful sounds of the CMS chorus singing about the odd cuisine one might encounter on an adventure…Green Eggs and Ham!

3Mr. Foster, always promoting expanding horizons and learning new things, was led on his adventure to a conversation in a different language. The CMS American Sign Language group shared their appreciation for Mr. Foster’s support of enrichment activities. After more natives came bearing yet another token of thanks, Mr. Foster sat down at the banquet table with his trusted guides and enjoyed a meal beautifully presented by the natives of CMS.

But, of course, the always cautious Indiana Foster had his trusted cup bearer and ninja guide to taste the cake first!

CMS appreciates Mr. Larry Foster!4