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November 2016

Custodian Day Recap

The Peanuts Gang showed up in full force to honor and celebrate some of the hardest working people in our school systems. What a great blessing to see all the photos, videos and summaries that poured in from schools all over the state.

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The students at Cherokee High School and McPheeter’s Bend Elementary decided to honor the custodians by doing their tasks for them on Custodian Day. What a great idea!


Some schools such as Camden Elementary and McPheeter’s Bend Elementary chose to honor them through the written word by sitting down and writing thoughtful, sincere thank you notes that will be treasured for a lifetime by the recipients.


This appreciation day was such a great success because the custodians are some of the most bcarters-valley-elemeloved employees in their schools. Thank you for showing them so much love! A picture says a 1000 words and this one of the custodian at Carter’s Valley Elementary says it all! Thank you for showing them so much love!