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January 2022

G-Force shout out: 5 students win $100!

Congratulations to these 5 students for winning $100 by creating an attitude of gratitude in their schools!

Avery Martin-Claxton Elementary School-Anderson County

Cayden Williams-Union Heights Elementary-Smith County

Merceah Lee-Jim Satterfield Middle School-Trousdale County

Brylee Hall-Clarkrange High School-Fentress County

Lacie Scott-Stuart Burns Elementary-Dickson County


What did the students do to win $100?

  1. Thanked at least 6 staff members during the semester.
  2. Kept up with their contacts by logging them in google classroom or some other way;
  3. Submitted their list to their G-Force Adviser before the deadline; and
  4. Randomly drawn as a $100 winner!

For info on how your students can have a chance to win $100 in May, click here to watch this short video.