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June 2016

Hawkins County Support Staff Day Celebrations

Carter’s Valley Elementary School – We celebrated Support Staff Appreciation Day at Carter’s Valley.  With the help of 2nd Grade, we wore our Lego (Everything is Awesome) shirts and had wonderful announcements made by two 2nd graders.  Our marquee was lit up in honor of them saying: Our Support Staff Help Keep Us Connected.  The room was decorated in Red, Yellow, and Blue with Legos and Lego items on the tables.  There was even Legos to build with!  Grange Hall United Methodist Church provided a wonderful home cooked meal to our hard working Support Staff.  The support staff were given water bottles, candy bars, and Lego Hand Sanitizer.  The most important thing is that they were given the day off of lunch room duty.  Teachers ate lunch with their own classes and did lunch room duty for them!  We couldn’t do our jobs without the help of Mrs. Vickie, Ms. Teresa, Nurse Connie,  Mrs. Lesa, Mrs. Gail, Mrs. Connie, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs, Sarah Wade, Mrs. Jessica, Mrs. Sarah Walker, and Mrs. Shelby.  Thanks for all you do! Click here for the photos.

Church Hill Elementary SchoolSupport Staff Appreciation Week was fabulous at Church Hill Elementary School. Each day our wonderful assistants received small tokens of our love, and were treated to a special catered lunch at the end of the week. CHES is lucky to have the best assistants in Hawkins County. Click here for the photos.

Hawkins County

Church Hill Middle School – Our Support Staff at CHMS were treated to a breakfast party courtesy of our fantastic 8th grade Gold Team! We were also all given a personalized tote bag and a treat bag filled with goodies. Appreciation signs were made for us also. Click here for the photos.

Clinch School – What a special day for our Support Staff! Co workers of the support staff donated money to send these gals out to eat. The ladies came back full and very happy! Students made doors look like Lego’s and made thank you notes on Lego paper. Also, donations were collected for Church Hill Nursing Home. We did this in honor of Ms. Joyce Porter, who was our Head Start teacher for many years. Ms. Porter lived her last few years at The Church Hill Nursing Home and recently passed away. She was a huge influence on many children in our community. Joyce was a giver, so, we thought the best way to honor her was to give to others. Our secretary, Ms. Debbie Lamb is the daughter of Ms. Joyce. Debbie delivered the products to the nursing home. Donations are still coming in and hopefully products will continue to be given. Click here for the photos.

Hawkins Elementary School – For Support Staff Appreciation Day our staff was treated with a goodie bag filled with hand written notes, candy, and little debbie cakes. The G Force helped to lead their classes in making bags for their assistants. They also were treated to a duty free lunch at Sagebrush for an hour. Our creative team helped to make posters that were hung in the school to honor those people. Click here for the photos.

Joseph Rogers Elementary School – Support Staff at JRP was built up with Lego’s for being our building foundation.  All Support Staff was called to the Gym for an assembly to receive their gift bags from students.  Inside each gift bag was a snack for later, notes and cards from the students, and a Lego necklace.  Then all support staff was allowed to go out to each lunch together and have no cafeteria duty for the day.  All of the other teachers and staff assisted with the cafeteria duty so that our support staff could enjoy their time away.  The support staff is the ones that help us everyday in laying the building blocks for a strong foundation. Click here for the photos.

Kepler Elementary School – Click here for the photos.

McPheeter’s Bend Elementary School – Click here for the photos.

Hawkins County-2

Mooresburg Elementary School – Mooresburg students had an AWESOME time celebrating the support staff! We created a giant LEGOMAN, wrote thank you notes on LEGO people, and fixed goody bags that contained a LEGO Marshmello head, a candy bar, a bottled water, and a rice krispy lego block.  Pictures were taken as the G-Force sang EVERYTHING IS AWESOME to the support staff and gave them their goody bags. Click here for the photos.

Mount Carmel Elementary SchoolMCES celebrated our amazing support staff with the Lego Theme. Our kids loved that they were able to create things for their assistant friends with legos and sing along with EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! We are so thankful for our support staff. They are a crucial part of our team! Click here for the photos.

Pathways Alternative School – Click here for the photos.

St. Clair Elementary School – We sure do love our support staff at St. Clair! On their appreciation day, we provided them with a breakfast of doughnuts. They each received a flower, a Lego themed hand sanitizer, and $10 to leave the building and enjoy a 1 1/2 hour lunch together. They really loved the lunch outing! We are so thankful for what they do for us and our students each and every day. Click here for the photos.

Surgoinsville Elementary SchoolWe can’t ever Lego of our support staff!! Our A team presented them with Lego colored monogrammed shirts and a Lego of appreciation. The teachers all voted to send the support staff out to a much deserved lunch-so Sagebrush in Rogersville took excellent care of our ladies! We work with such an amazing group of hardworking women!  Click here for the photos.