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September 2015

New Format for Appreciation Day Packets

Beginning with Custodian Appreciation Day, packets provided by Utrust will be arranged differently. The packets will be divided into four sections: G-Force Adviser, Action Team Leader, Creative Team Leader, and Paparazzi Leader.

The new design is intended to assist with the notion promoted by Utrust “Everybody does a little and no one does a lot.” The packets are designed so each section can be given to the appropriate leaders listed above. Things that relate to more than one team will be listed more than once so each team leader will have all the suggestions needed for his/her team.

If you are not using a school coordinator and four leaders in your appreciation program, please consider moving in that direction.  It makes it so much easier to have an outstanding appreciation program. Having a leader for each team makes it possible for students on each of the teams to receive the attention needed to learn how to carry out their responsibilities in an excellent manner.

We would appreciate your reaction to this change and any other suggestions that you have for improvement.

                                                                                                            Dan Tollett, Utrust Administrator