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October 2015

New Packet Format Thursday Tip

Welcome back to Thursday Tips! This week is all about following the motto Everyone Does a Little so No One Does a Alot. Here’s what you do:

1. Break your A-Team into 3 groups: Action Team, Creative Team and Paparazzi Team

2. Work with the principal to recruit an adult staff member as leader of each of the three teams.

3. Recruit another adult as the G-Force Adviser.  We suggest a librarian or assistant principal.

The packet format has changed to help you organize and simplify:

  1. Print off the packet. 
  2. Staple each of the four agendas to the idea pages following the agendas.
  3. Distribute each portion of the packet to the appropriate team leader or G-Force Adviser. 
  4. Meet with your team leaders.
  5. Hand the team packet to the appropriate team leader. 
  6. Ask them to meet with their team on their own to get things done.

That’s it! All you have to do is be the overseer! Here’s a video with Kristi Coleman explaining it.