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November 2015

Station Camp Elementary Celebrates Custodians

Here at Utrust we strongly advocate the motto “Everyone does a little so no one does a lot”.  This results in appreciation celebrations that have more student and staff involvement and ultimately creates an attitude of gratitude within the school.

Station Camp Elementary took this concept to heart when they celebrated their custodians in late October using the Ninja theme.  Here is a summary of how they planned and carried out the activities for this special day:Image-9854327-249623012-2-Web_0_eac127f947c55e915e8839bbc5a5c40d_1

At Station Camp Elementary, we celebrated our custodians in a big way! Our A-Team met several days in advance to prepare for the big day. Our music teacher worked with our Action team to sing and prepare the song “Custodian Rap”. Our creative team made posters of appreciation and super ninja balloons with notes of kindness inside. Our paparazzi team prepared interviews and speeches to show our appreciation.

On Custodian Day, our G-force members cleaned each classroom by taking out the trash and sweeping the floors. During Art Class G-force members made ninja masks in honor of our custodians. Our G-Force members also wrote letters and notes for the custodians.
Image-9854327-249623040-2-Web_0_d139711b954fc117134fc6b2cbb3b4ac_1A-Team worked to have our PTO provide each custodian with a lunch from Chic-Fil-A. Once lunch arrived, A-Team teachers and students decorated a room in our front office and escorted each custodian in from the hallway. As they entered the office, students were cheering and clapping to show appreciation. The song was presented and speeches were given as entertainment while they ate. Paparazzi team members gave creative speeches that incorporated jokes, stories, and appreciation. Our principal and vice principal were able to attend and express their appreciation of our custodian’s hard work as well. At the end of our fun celebration, the custodians were presented with their ninja balloons and they were popped! Paparazzi members interviewed the custodians after the big day to get their reactions. It turned out to be a wonderful day full of thanks! Our custodians seemed to be truly overjoyed!

Click here to see the photo and video gallery of the day.