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January 2016

Unforgettable Appreciation Days – Thursday Tip

As you finish up Food Service Day and look towards Principal Day coming in February, consider thinking outside your “appreciation day box”.  Whether this is your 5th appreciation day coming up or your 50th, think about making the honorees’ day unforgettable.

Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Involve more students in the celebration. Use a drum line to serenade the honorees(!) Invite the football players to escort the honorees to their table for lunch. Enlist the cheerleaders to make a sign for the special day.
  2. Invite staff members to say a verbal thank you to the honorees during the presentation.
  3. Drive home the fact that writing Awesome Notes of Appreciation will be the highlight of the day, and the notes will be kept forever as a keepsake.
  4. Remember the fact that “people will not remember what you say or do but they will remember how you made them feel”. Make them feel unforgettably appreciated.

Beech High School celebrated Food Service Day and incorporated some of these things in their presentation. The use of the drum line was one of the coolest things we’ve seen. And the thank you notes have forever changed the lives of the honorees.

As you watch the video, may you and your students be inspired to new heights of creativity and create unforgettable moments in the lives of your honorees.