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Story Honoring Mr. Doug Wilson

By: Elizabeth Merrimandoug-wilson-story

My name is Elizabeth Merriman. I am in the seventh grade at Riceville Elementary School. When I think of someone at my school that has made a difference in my life, I think of my gifted teacher Mr. Doug Wilson. My idea of a teacher is someone who cares about their students, who takes the time to get to know them, who takes the time to explain things to a child and learn what their interests are. Mr. Wilson fits this description perfectly. Some people at our school do not come in contact with Mr. Wilson and do not know him very well, but he is a very special and important person in my life.

All schools could benefit from having more teachers like Mr. Wilson, and Riceville is very fortunate to have him. Mr. Wilson has made a big difference in my life by encouraging me to try hard and always do my very best. He is such a positive influence to all that come in contact with him. He is an amazing role model and someone I want to strive to be like when I grow up.

It is my personal idea that students need more positive male role models like Mr. Wilson. When I grow up I hope to be a teacher like Mr. Wilson. I hope that my students will when I come in and slam my book down on the table and say, “I just don’t understand it.” He simply tells me, “Sit down, calm down, and we will get it.” He doesn’t mind to explain things again and again to make sure each child understands it.

Mr. Wilson works in the Special Ed department of our school. He is also the teacher of my gifted class. He works hard all day long to make sure his students understand all of the material in his classroom, and is always very supportive of his students. Mr. Wilson helps each student take pride in their work and not be ashamed of their self. I admire him greatly because he has so much patience when he deals with the special ed students.

A few times a year we make up lesson plans for the kids. When we are trying to teach, and the kids are talking I realize how much patience he has to have to deal with them. He helps each individual reach their goal. He always makes each individual student feel important. He takes the time to listen and hear what students have to say. Mr. Wilson’s students feel comfortable coming and confronting him with their problems. He has a very strong relationship with his students. Anytime I need his help he is always there for me.

Mr. Wilson is not ashamed to have his Bible out reading it when others are around him. He has taught me to not be ashamed of what I believe in. He has also taught me to take a stand for what I think is right. Mr. Wilson goes above and beyond his call of duty. Mr. Wilson does a lot of things outside his teaching at Riceville. When someone asks to do a job, or help them with a task he will gladly volunteer to do it. He helps our SRO officer to direct traffic. He always has a smile for people who are passing by, even in the cold or rain he doesn’t complain. He will even babysit other teacher’s children.

I definitely think Mr. Wilson symbolizes the way men all over the world should act in their daily lives. He is always very courteous to others and lets other people walk in ahead of him while he holds the door for them. Mr. Wilson has been known to go out into the parking lot and change tires for mothers. I think Mr. Wilson should be recognized for his dedication and service to Riceville School.

Mr. Wilson goes on trips with the eighth grade, for some of the students it may be their first encounter with him, but for others this could be their first chance to see the other side of him. Mr. Wilson has a very good sense of humor. He loves to pick on me and make lots of jokes. For example, one day I brought in a cherry coke and put it in his refrigerator for lunch. When I came back to get it, it was completely covered in duct tape. He had used the entire roll of duct tape!

I have had many wonderful teachers at Riceville, yet Mr. Wilson stands alone as someone I truly look up to, admire, and respect as a teacher and a person.