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Awesome Notes of Appreciation

Lucky Star and Awesome Notes logos

Awesome Notes of Appreciation is a great way to honor individual employees on their special appreciation day.

A school coordinator can submit up to three (3) letters/notes of appreciation written by a student to the school staff member being honored during the appreciation day.

The coordinator may submit the note(s) by posting a photo of the note to the closed Facebook group Utrust Coordinators.

The deadline for submitting Awesome Notes of Appreciation is the same as the Lucky Star deadline. The deadlines can be found on the Themes Page and on the Paparazzi page in every appreciation packet.

Three (3) winners–one from elementary, middle and high school levels–will be randomly drawn with a $100 prize for each one. Winners will be announced at the same time as the Lucky Star winners. A check for $100 payable to the honoree staff member will be mailed to the honoree’s school. 

For Superintendent Day and Principal Day, the $100 will be given to the A-Team to use instead of the superintendent and principal.