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Best School Employee Appreciation Program Award

employee-awardCelebrate each appreciation day to the fullest. We want you to come up with the most fun and unique ways to honor employees. You can use the materials we send you each month and then expand on them. The sky is the limit of how you can honor employees. The school with the most successful appreciation day, including the best participation by school and community, will win.

After your school has celebrated each appreciation day, let us know what you did. We want to hear all about it. Send us your stories, photographs, and videos of your school celebrations. We want to provide as much recognition to the employees as possible, so get your local media involved too, and then provide us with those stories. We also encourage you to send us stories and photographs from students. It is important to get the students involved in our Make A Difference program.

When the school year ends, Utrust will review all submitted materials and reward the top five schools who show the best creativity in their celebrations and excellence in reporting their Appreciation Days. First place will receive $500, second place will receive $400, and third place will receive $300, fourth place receives $200 and fifth place receives $100. Utrust will present the awards and alert the media about the success of winning schools.

The competition has started, so rally the students and staff, and get ready to show your appreciation for your employees. You won’t only make your workplace environment more friendly and productive, but you just may win your school a cash prize.

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