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Action Crew

What the Action Crew Does (print)
What the Action Crew Does (video)

100 Action Crew Ideas

The Action Crew is one of three groups that make up the A-Team.  The Action Crew is usually made up of 4-6 members. Using the packets provided, they get things done to make each appreciation day a success including the following:

  1. Select members of the crew or choose other students to make the P.A. announcements to inform the students and staff about the appreciation day and get them involved.  Select students who will turn the announcements into a dramatic presentation and make them fun and interesting by using inflection and humor.
  2. Select a message to put on the marquee to inform the community about the appreciation day and encourage them to join in the celebration of the employee group being recognized.
  3. Arrange for individual or a group of students to sing the special appreciation day song to the employee group being honored. Inform them of the presentation with specific details such as date, time and location.
  4. Coordinate with volunteers who have agreed to help with each appreciation day celebration. Remind them of the theme and who is being honored, include the number of people who will be honored. If they are to bring something or do something, tell them when and where they or their items are needed. Usually these people have volunteered at the beginning of the year to help with a particular appreciation day.
  5. Consider what individuals or groups are in the school or community that could make the appreciation day special.  Then, enlist them to help out.  Clubs, athletic teams, student government, churches or Sunday school classes are usually more than willing to help out with a particular appreciation day.
  6. Write thank you notes using the theme to the honorees for each appreciation day. When possible, write individualized notes to each person in the group.

The Action Crew has an adult adviser usually a faculty member. At the high school level, consider using an already established club to serve as the Action Crew such as student council or student government.


Action Crew Video