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What the Paparazzi Team Does (print)
What the Paparazzi Team Does (video)

The Paparazzi is one of three groups that make up the A-Team.  The Paparazzi Team is usually made up of 4-6 students. Using the packets provided, they get things done to make each appreciation day a success including the following:

1. Design and write thank you notes using the theme to the honorees for each appreciation day. When possible, write individualized notes to each person in the group.

2. Plan with team members what photos and videos to shoot to tell the story of each appreciation day.

3. Package the photos and videos taken into a keepsake for the honoree through Youtube/Vimeo, Smilebox, Powerpoint, Facebook or other available method.

4. Participate in the presentation to the honorees and provide each with a link to the keepsake and how to access it.

5. Upload pictures and/or video to drop canvas and send an email to djohnson@utrust.org and your system coordinator. Once Utrust has uploaded the photos and/or video to your school’s album in phanfare, Utrust will send you a link to the photos and videos to share with your school webmaster so the school and community can enjoy them. The link remains the same for all the appreciation days throughout the year.

The Paparazzi plays a major part in making each appreciation day special for the honorees. The better job the paparazzi does in taking photos and videos that tell a story, the more fun it will be and the more it will honor those you seek to honor.

The Paparazzi has an adult adviser usually a faculty member.

Paparazzi Team Video