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System Coordinator’s Role

System Coordinator’s Role (printable PDF)
Revised System Coordinator’s Role (video)

The System Coordinator is a vital part of the success of the Utrust Appreciation Program in the school system. The System Coordinator is responsible for communicating with the board, superintendent and schools to build enthusiasm and ensure everyone receives the tools needed to celebrate appreciation days in fun and exciting ways.

For each of the appreciation days, Utrust prepares three (3) packets: one for the system coordinator, one for elementary schools, and one for middle and high schools. These packets contain ideas and information to help schools celebrate the appreciation day.

There are three primary things the system coordinator does to ensure the Utrust Appreciation Program is successful:

1. Works with Principals and School Coordinators

The System Coordinator works with principals to ensure that the appreciation program is staffed appropriately within each school.  Ensuring that the appreciation program has enough staff leading the students will result in cultivating an attitude of gratitude school-wide.

They also work with Utrust to arrange training programs for school coordinators and advisers as needed.

The system coordinator also constantly encourages the school coordinators throughout the school year through e-mails or phone calls reminding them of important dates and encouraging them in their efforts to show appreciation, commenting on facebook posts and communicating with them from time to time about how the program is going in their school.

Join the closed Facebook group Utrust Coordinators. After the school coordinators post their appreciation day summaries, photos and videos, comment on their posts to compliment the students on the way they carried out activities for the celebrations.  When possible, share with them positive comments from the superintendent and/or board members.

 2. Keeps the Board Informed and Involved

Use the Resolution of Appreciation included in each system packet and have the board adopt it, with or without modifications, to officially establish the day in your school system.  Adopt each resolution separately. Doing them individually means a great deal to each group involved.  They like to be singled out for recognition.  Also, the press is likely to cover each one so you might get eight articles rather than just one.

Encourage school board members to participate in the Utrust Appreciation Program by presenting a signed Resolution of Appreciation to each honoree on their appreciation day. This helps enhance the relationship between the board and employees.

Following each appreciation day, use the summaries, photos and videos posted in the closed Facebook Utrust Coordinators group to create a report or slideshow. Share the report or slideshow with the board about the most outstanding celebrations that happened in your system.  The staff is honored when the board takes the time to hear about the celebration of appreciation days.

3. Let the Community Know

Send a news release prior to the appreciation day to the local media.  Modify the one Utrust provides to fit your system and send it on to the media with the suggested photo. With the news release to the media, include the resolution adopted by the Board. Also include the adopted resolution on the system website.

Put the website poster provided by Utrust on your system website to inform the community of the upcoming appreciation day.

Ask your system Communications Director (if you have one) to write a story about the appreciation day celebrations and send it to the local media. 

System Coordinator’s Role Video