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What is the Culture Initiative?

The Utrust Culture Initiative seeks to foster a nurturing, family-like atmosphere characterized by friendship, inclusion, cooperation, kindness, respect, and mutual appreciation within each school. 

The Culture Initiative aims to expand participation in the Utrust Appreciation Program throughout the school year by:

  • Challenging students to express gratitude to staff, peers, and parents
  • Urging staff to appreciate students and colleagues
  • Encouraging parents to appreciate the efforts of their children and school staff
  • Inviting community organizations to acknowledge and value students and school staff
  1. School Involvement. Participate in the Utrust Appreciation Program with both an A-Team and G-Force.
  2. Staff Involvement. Staff members participate in the Birthdate Challenge and other culture building activities.
  3. Student Involvement. Students participate in the Birthdate Challenge and other gratitude related activities promoted by the G-Force.
  4. Community Involvement. Selected community organizations are invited to support and participate in culture building activities for the school community.
  5. Parent Involvement. Parents are urged to model appreciation and encourage their child to be inclusive and appreciative and to recognize that every person has value.
  6. Other Involvement.
    • Staff and parents periodically share success stories. 
      • The school completes a brief survey regarding the success of the program.
      • Funds are used for a purpose that fosters a culture of appreciation.