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Support Staff

Support Staff Song 2015

Support Staff Song 2014

A Vested Interest 

Immeasurable Support 


Bus Drivers

Bus Driver Song 2014 

Beech Celebrates Bus Driver Appreciation Day 



Custodian Song 2014 

The Germinator 

Everybody Knows Raymond 


Food Service Staff

Twinkle, Twinkle, You’re A Star 

Food Service Song 2015 

Food Service Song 2014 



Drop Canvas 

The Paparazzi 

What is an A-Team 

Custodian Appreciation Day Tips 

A-Team Newsletters 

Hawkins County Award Video 

Jackson County Award Video 

2012 Hawkins County Employee Appreciation 

DIY Water Bottle Label 

What is the EAP?

EAP- How to Join & What it Costs

Ensure the EAP is Great! 

School Board’s Role in EAP

Role of System Coordinators 

Principals and the EAP 

What is a School Coordinator? 

What a Team Leader Does 

Why Themes Matter 

Superintendent Day 2013

Principal Day 2014 Song 

Food Service Day 2014 Song 

Special Teachers & Staff Song 2014 

Support Staff 2014 Song

Teacher Day 2014 Song 

Choosing Team Leaders 



Inspirational Videos

Hooked on Books 

Simple Truths of Appreciation 

Simple Truths of Service 

Heart of a Teacher 



Principals are the Key

Principal Song 2015 

Principal Song 2014 


Special Teachers & Staff

Special Teachers Song 2015 

Special Teachers Song 2014

Mystery Song – Cardboard Lyrics  



Celebration Hymn for Our Leader 

Yankee Doodle Superintendent 

Thanks to Our Superintendent 



You Are A Great One 

Teacher Day Song 2015

Teacher Song 2014  

My Mary Poppins: The Story of Amy Hearn 


G-Force Tasks

Bus Driver Day G-Force Mission 

Bus Driver Day – Elementary 

Why You Need A G-Force 

The G-Force 


Thursday Tips

Thursday Tips Video Archive