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Utrust Appreciation Program

What is the Utrust Appreciation Program?

What is the UAP (printable PDF)
What is the UAP (video)

The Utrust Appreciation Program helps students and their school communities recognize and show appreciation to school employees who make a difference in the lives of students each day.  Utrust provides a model for schools and school districts to use to recognize and celebrate employees. The model divides employees into eight groups and establishes student leadership teams to actively honor and recognize the employees in each group. Read more

Why an Appreciation Program?

The Utrust Appreciation Program can benefit your school or school system in many ways.  Read more…

How to Start an Appreciation Program

Start enjoying the benefits of having an appreciation program in your school system by following these steps: Read more…

Who Does What?

The Utrust Appreciation Program is best implemented in your system and schools when you adopt our motto “Everyone Does a Little so No One Does A Lot”.  Read more…

2020-21 Themes Page

The Utrust Appreciation Program provides themes for each appreciation day. Check out the new themes for the 2020-21 school year and why themes matter. Read more…

Appreciation Packets

For members only, download your appreciation packets here.

Line Up Your Resources

Help make your appreciation days extra special for your employees by enlisting the help of student organizations within your school and individuals, churches and local businesses within your community.  Read more…