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G-Force Adviser

The G-Force transforms the culture of any school into one characterized by recognition and appreciation, where students and staff alike feel valued.  Dan Tollett-Utrust Administrator

G-Force Adviser (print)
G-Force Adviser (video)

The G-Force Adviser is the champion of the G-Force and seeks to make the G-Force effective in building an attitude of gratitude within the school.

Ideally, the G-Force Adviser will be accessible to students during the day and have a location that all students can access. Assistant principals, librarians or counselors are ideal positions for the G-Force Adviser.

The G-Force Adviser has the task of helping students express thanks to school employees who make a difference in their lives in the following ways.

1. Responsibilities for 8 appreciation Days. 

  • Collects each G-Force member’s name and contact information.
  • Ensures that G-Force members understand and accept the responsibilities of the position.
  • Posts assignments from the school coordinator for the G-Force for each appreciation day in a central location.

2. Responsibilities for Promoting Gratitude Throughout the Year.

G-Force Homeroom Assignment Chart


  • Divides the homerooms in the school into 7 groups (7 instead of 8 because the superintendent is not in your school daily) with approximately the same number of homeroom classes in each group.


  • G-Force Homeroom Assignment ChartBeginning with the first full month of the school year, assigns one of the 7 employee groups to each of the 7 homeroom groups.
  • Posts assignments for the homeroom classes
  • Encourage G-Force members and advise those who want to discuss ideas about promoting gratitude.
  • At the end of each month, the G-Force Adviser rotates each homeroom group to the next employee group. In the 8th month, G-Force members select a few students each week and challenge them to observe and honor any employee they choose.  

Click here to download the G-Force Monthly Mission Charts which includes a list to show G-Force members what they should look for in each employee group.

3. Increase Recognition for the G-Force.  

The G-Force Adviser prepares and distributes Leadership Award certificates  to each G-Force member at the end of the school year (Utrust provides a sample of these certificates which can be individually modified) and seek to get the G-Force recognized in the school yearbook.

Download G-Force Certificate


G-Force Adviser Video