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G-Force Adviser

The G-Force transforms the culture of any school into one characterized by recognition and appreciation, where students and staff alike feel valued.  Dan Tollett-Utrust Administrator

G-Force Adviser (printable pdf)
G-Force Adviser (video)

G-Force packet (downloadable pdf)

G-Force monthly agendas (downloadable pdf)

The G-Force Adviser is the champion of the G-Force and seeks to make the G-Force effective in building an attitude of gratitude within the school.

Ideally, the G-Force Adviser will be accessible to students during the day and have a location that all students can access. Assistant principals, librarians or counselors are ideal positions for the G-Force Adviser.

The G-Force Adviser has the task of helping students express thanks to school employees who make a difference in their lives in the following ways.

1. Duties of the G-Force Adviser

  • Collects each G-Force member’s name and contact information.
  • Ensures that G-Force members understand and accept the responsibilities of the position. This may be done in an informational meeting at the beginning of school. 

2. Responsibilities for Promoting Gratitude Throughout the Year

  • Divides the homerooms in the school into 7 groups  with approximately the same number of classes in each group. (We do not include the Superintendent because they are not in the school daily).
  • Fill in your homeroom groups in the grey boxes on the Utrust provided Monthly Mission Assignment Chart so students can easily see what employee group they are assigned each month.
  • Posts the chart where it is visible for students to see.
  • Hold a short monthly meeting with G-Force members. Click here to download the pdf of all the monthly meeting agendas with activities.
  • Encourage G-Force members as you encounter them around school and ask them for any positive feedback they want to share about their thank you’s.  

Click here to download the G-Force Monthly Mission Charts in an Excel doc which includes a list to show G-Force members what they should look for in each employee group.

3. Increase Recognition for the G-Force.  

The G-Force Adviser prepares and distributes Leadership Award certificates to each G-Force member at the end of the school year. Utrust provides these certificates in a Word Doc that can be individually modified to suit the school. Also, seek to get the G-Force recognized in the school yearbook.

Download G-Force Certificate


G-Force Adviser Video