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Latest Happenings

15 Dec

School Coordinator and Adviser Appreciation Day, 2022

Thursday, December 15, 2022 is set aside as School Coordinator and Adviser Appreciation Day! Your efforts in making your school a better place to learn is valued and appreciated! Thank you…Read More

8 Dec

System Coordinator Appreciation Day

Thursday, December 8, 2022 is declared System Coordinator Appreciation Day! We honor all of our System Coordinators in the Utrust Appreciation Program for their great efforts in making their schools,…Read More

21 Sep

21st Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

We are back! The Trustees of Utrust are excited to invite you, your school board members and your spouses to be our guests at the 21th Annual Utrust Member Appreciation…Read More

6 Sep

Utrust at a Glance

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23 Aug

G-Force Adviser Agendas

The G-Force Adviser is encouraged to meet with the G-Force students once a month for a short, fun meeting. Agendas have been developed for these 15-min meetings that include fun…Read More