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Latest Happenings

5 Dec

Fun-Filled Utrust Appreciation Dinner

You would have had to have been there in order to enjoy the evening to its fullest extent, but the Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner was filled with hilarious moments. Minnie Pearl made an appearance that had everyone laughing but the stars of the show were the participants. Every table was challenged to write an original…Read More

12 Nov

Member Appreciation Dinner ’19 at Country Music Hall of Fame

The 2019 Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held on November 15 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Awards will be presented for the Best Appreciation Program in East, Middle and West Tennessee.  Also the Bridwell Awards will be presented to school districts with the lowest average unemployment compensation claims. In addition…Read More

What does Thank You Mean?

When it comes from the heart, from deep inside the nicest feelings in the most special thoughts,” thank you” means so much. It means thank you for taking the time to show that you care. It means “you really made my day,” and sometimes it means that you really make all the days so much…Read More

1 Oct

2019-20 Song Packet

All the rewritten appreciation songs are together in one convenient packet. Send the packet to your music teacher or another adult who has agreed to teach and lead the students in singing the rewritten songs to the honorees on each of their appreciation days. The pages are in order of the appreciation days. Every page…Read More

2020 Special Teachers Day-Song

Vocal Track   Instrumental Track  

19 Aug

20th Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

The upcoming 20th Annual Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Country Music Hall of Fame on November 15 at 7:00 p.m. The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum adds a strikingly modern touch to the Nashville skyline and is situated at the epicenter of the city’s rapidly growing core, a block…Read More