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Latest Happenings

31 Aug

2020-21 Song Packet available

The 2020-21 Song Packet is now available. It is a compilation of the lyric sheet for every appreciation day (except Superintendent Day) with an active link to the song video. Click here to download the packet.  

20 Aug

No Member Appreciation Dinner for 2020

We are sad to announce the Member Appreciation Dinner will not take place this year because of the pandemic. We hope to see you in 2021. May you all stay safe, healthy and peaceful. 

6 Jul

2020 Bus Driver packets now available

The 2020-21 year of appreciation is set to start with Bus Driver Day on Thursday, September 17th using the theme Road Trip games. The fantastic packets for elementary, middle and high school are on-line and available now. The System Coordinator packet as well as the candy bar and water bottle templates are also available on-line….Read More

12 Jun

2020-21 Themes Page available

The 2020-21 themes have been set and the Themes Page is available to download. The overall theme is Game On! All appreciation day themes will be some form of games or board games such as Road Trip Games, Clue, Life, etc. The students and staff members will have a great time with these themes! Click…Read More

26 May

Great appreciation is over, let summer begin!

The 2019-20 appreciation year ended in a crazy way but that does not shadow all the great things that happened all over our great State of Tennessee. Coordinators and students loved the themes and showing gratitude was knocked out of the park! We are so proud of all of them! A summer checklist with the…Read More

3 May

A-Team and G-Force certificates available

Coordinators are encouraged to send personalized A-Team certificates to their students who have served their school so well this year. A G-Force certificate link is also available. Both certificates are created in a Word Doc so they can be changed in any way needed. Here is the link to the A-Team certificate on our website:…Read More