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Utrust Appreciation Program



The Utrust Appreciation Program (UAP) aims to cultivate in students the essential skill of recognizing and expressing appreciation to school staff for things they do for them each day. The program enhances morale, fosters better relationships, boosts attendance and performance and encourages collaboration, ultimately,  enriching the overall educational experience for everyone involved.

This program is led by two student leadership teams to facilitate celebration of staff members on eight different appreciation days as well as ongoing appreciation programs throughout the year.

“Educating the mind without educating the
heart is no education at all.”


Key Dates

  • 6/15 Themes Announced
  • 7/15 Packets Available
  • 7/15 Culture Grants Open
  • 7/15 Appreciation Grants Open
  • 8/31 Culture Grants Due
  • 8/31 Appreciation Grants Due
  • 11/1 Mini Grants Open
  • Nov. TBD Member Dinner