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Culture Grants


Culture Grants

Utrust Culture Grants are designed for schools committed to fostering a nurturing, family-like atmosphere characterized by friendship, inclusion, cooperation, kindness, respect, and mutual appreciation. The goal is for everyone—students and staff alike—to experience a profound sense of belonging every day.

Creating a culture of appreciation requires intentional effort from the entire school community. When everyone understands their responsibility and actively participates in changing the culture, the result is a school where mutual support and pride are evident among staff, students, parents, and the broader community.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others
belong to us as well.”



Equipment to Promote Culture: Install TVs in hallways and cafeterias to display videos, photos, and announcements that honor staff and students, fostering a positive cultural environment.


Awards: Present awards to students and staff who demonstrate exceptional contributions, highlighting their efforts and showing appreciation.


Sponsor Contests: Organize contests for creating posters that promote appreciation, inclusion, and cultural change. Offer prizes to winners to encourage participation and creativity.


Supplies: Purchase supplies for the G-Force or other organizations support the Birthdate Challenge and other initiatives that promote a culture of appreciation.


Refreshments for Parent Night: Provide refreshments at parent meetings to discuss cultural initiatives and seek their support.


Custom Note Cards: Print school-specific note cards for writing appreciation notes to staff and students.


Periodic Refreshments: Occasionally offer coffee and hot chocolate bars, rolling refreshment carts, ice cream, or candy treats to create a welcoming and appreciative atmosphere.


Recognition Awards: Establish a recognition program within the school to present awards or certificates to deserving employees and students, acknowledging their contributions.


Celebrate Milestones: Purchase plaques or print and frame certificates to commemorate significant milestones in the careers of school employees, such as years of service, retirement, or educational achievements.