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Latest Happenings

7 Jan

$1 Million for Utrust Mini Grants

The Trustees of Utrust have again determined to provide $1Million to member boards in the form of mini grants. Each school system will be notified by letter the amount that has been dedicated for teaching and learning mini grants to the school district. Each local superintendent will determine whether the dedicated amount will be used…Read More

20 Aug

19th Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

The upcoming 19th Annual Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Oz Arts of Nashville on November 2. The Ozgeners brought unprecedented artistry to cigars and, previously, humidors and Meerschaum pipes. Having sold the company, CAO Cigars, the family converted their former headquarters into a contemporary performance & installation space and event center.  In 2013,…Read More

1 Aug

2018-19 Song Packet

We have a complete song packet available for you with all 7 songs with lyric pages and links to the vocal and instrumental track videos. Download this packet to give to your music teacher or another adult who is willing to help teach students the rewritten songs. Serenading the honorees is free and it is…Read More

19 Jul

Need Help to Implement the Utrust Appreciation Program

If you want to implement the Utrust Appreciation Program in your school for the coming year, contact us to request Utrust staff members to come to your school to share with your staff how to implement the program. This program will change the culture of your school.

Post Mini Grant Photos

Post your mini grant photos on the Utrust Mini grants page.  This is a closed facebook group visible only to school personnel who have received a Utrust mini grant or school administrators. You will need to request membership and then post the photos. We think you’ll also enjoy browsing through the other posts to see…Read More

17 Aug

18th Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

The upcoming 18th Annual Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held aboard the General Jackson Showboat on November 3.  The theme for the night is Nashville Nights.  The journey begins with traditional songs from the roots of country music and travels through the toe-tapping favorites of today and ends with the music from the icons…Read More