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Font Options

Extra style options can be applied to all text including headings.

Extra Style Option: Styles > Typography ⋮ > Text Decoration

  • Strike through
  • Underline

Extra Style Option: Styles > Typography ⋮ > Letter Case

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Capitalize Words

Extra Style Option: Styles > Typography ⋮ > Appearance


h1 50px Extra Light

h1 48px Light

h1 46px Regular

h1 44px Medium

h1 42px Semi Bold

h1 40px Bold

h1 38px Extra Bold

h1 36px Black

h1 34px Thin Italic

h1 32px Extra Light Italic

h1 30px Light Italic

h1 28px Regular Italic

h1 26px Medium Italic

h1 24px Semi Bold Italic

h1 22px Bold Italic

h1 20px Extra Bold Italic

h1 18px Black Italic

h2 50px Extra Light

h2 48px Light

h2 46px Regular

h2 44px Medium

h2 42px Semi Bold

h2 40px Bold

h2 38px Extra Bold

h2 36px Black

h2 34px Thin Italic

h2 32px Extra Light Italic

h2 30px Light Italic

h2 28px Regular Italic

h2 26px Medium Italic

h2 24px Semi Bold Italic

h2 22px Bold Italic

h2 20px Extra Bold Italic

h2 18px Black Italic

h3 50px Extra Light

h3 48px Light

h3 46px Regular

h3 44px Medium

h3 42px Semi Bold

h3 40px Bold

h3 38px Extra Bold

h3 36px Black

h3 34px Thin Italic

h3 32px Extra Light Italic

h3 30px Light Italic

h3 28px Regular Italic

h3 26px Medium Italic

h3 24px Semi Bold Italic

h3 22px Bold Italic

h3 20px Extra Bold Italic

h3 18px Black Italic

h4 50px Extra Light

h4 48px Light

h4 46px Regular

h4 44px Medium

h4 42px Semi Bold

h4 40px Bold

h4 38px Extra Bold

h4 36px Black

h4 34px Thin Italic

h4 32px Extra Light Italic

h4 30px Light Italic

h4 28px Regular Italic

h4 26px Medium Italic

h4 24px Semi Bold Italic

h4 22px Bold Italic

h4 20px Extra Bold Italic

h4 18px Black Italic

h5 50px Extra Light
h5 48px Light
h5 46px Regular
h5 44px Medium
h5 42px Semi Bold
h5 40px Bold
h5 38px Extra Bold
h5 36px Black
h5 34px Thin Italic
h5 32px Extra Light Italic
h5 30px Light Italic
h5 28px Regular Italic
h5 26px Medium Italic
h5 24px Semi Bold Italic
h5 22px Bold Italic
h5 20px Extra Bold Italic
h5 18px Black Italic
h6 50px Extra Light
h6 48px Light
h6 46px Regular
h6 44px Medium
h6 42px Semi Bold
h6 40px Bold
h6 38px Extra Bold
h6 36px Black
h6 34px Thin Italic
h6 32px Extra Light Italic
h6 30px Light Italic
h6 28px Regular Italic
h6 26px Medium Italic
h6 24px Semi Bold Italic
h6 22px Bold Italic
h6 20px Extra Bold Italic
h6 18px Black Italic