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30 Jun

Hamblen County Teacher Day Celebrations

Hillcrest Elementary School – We are ready to “Sail Away”! It’s been a great year and Hillcrest teachers have made it happen. We honored our great teachers with a gift and bags of goodies. Hillcrest Baptist church and our local TVA provided lunch and dessert. We decked the halls...
30 Jun

Fayetteville City Schools Teacher Day Celebrations

Fayetteville High School– FHS has a truly great time with their teachers and appreciates each and every one of them. They all fit right in with the kids! Click here for the photos. Fayetteville Middle School – FMS showed their appreciation to all the wonderful teachers this month. Several...
30 Jun

Grainger County Teacher Day Celebrations

– Teacher Day was amazing. Click here for the photos.
30 Jun

Decatur County Teacher Day Celebrations

Parsons Elementary School – Our Teacher Appreciation Day was a Hollywood theme! We had a Walk of Fame and had the teachers dress up like movie stars! We have a red carpet and “paparazzi” taking photos all day! It was so much fun and the teachers really enjoyed it!...
30 Jun

Anderson County Teacher Day Celebrations

Anderson County Career and Technical School –  Teacher appreciation week was very eventful. We made pancakes for the teachers on Monday. They received a treat in their mailbox on Tuesday. Wednesday they were allowed to wear shorts to work. Thursday we served them snow cones and popcorn during lunch....
30 Jun

Benton County Teacher Day Celebrations

Big Sandy School – Big Sandy School celebrated teachers with Sail Away theme. Teachers were treated to a day on the beach. Sand buckets and bonnets made for a relaxing event. Kind words from students continued throughout the day. Lunch was provided by administration and parents. Way to go...