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4 May

Bells-Special Teachers Celebrations

Bells Elementary School– The Special Teachers and Staff at Bells Elementary are the Bare Necessities that help us all year long!  It’s a jungle out there and we would be lost without them!  Utrust Special Teachers & Staff Appreciation Day was observed March 10th with a Jungle Book theme....
4 May

Anderson County-Special Teacher Celebrations

Anderson County Career and Tech School – We were finally  able to pull off the Special teacher Appreciation Day!!! The A-Team worked really hard making posters for the “Special Day”!! They also gave the Special Teachers a goodie bag along with a certificate of appreciation. To top off the...
4 May

Trousdale County-Principal Day Celebrations

Jim Satterfield Middle School – JSMS celebrated Principal Appreciation Day by honoring our principals using the Lone Ranger Theme. They were presented with a JSMS lunchbox filled with treats. Click here for the photos. Trousdale Elementary School – Trousdale County Elementary celebrated our principal and vice principal by presenting...
4 May

Sumner County-Principal Day Celebrations

Beech High School – We enjoyed celebrating our principals today. They are so special and help make our school great!  Click here for the photos. J.W. Wiseman Elementary School – ‘J.W Wiseman Elementary honored Mrs. McClard, our principal…Lone Ranger Style! She enjoyed her lunch from the BBQ Pit with...
4 May

Johnson County-Principal Day Celebrations

Johnson County High School – We had to celebrate late due to several days of inclement weather and school closures. We gave our principals a special mascot switch plate and a gift card. The kids loved telling them how much they are appreciated. Click here for the photos.
4 May

Jackson County-Principal Day Celebrations

Gainesboro Elementary School – We celebrated Principal Appreciation Day today, because we were out of school for snow last week. We made a large sign of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and we had the principal and assistant principal stand with their faces showing for a picture. Afterwards, the...