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9 Dec

Fayetteville City Schools: Superintendent Appreciation Day Celebrations

Fayetteville High School Our Superintendent was surprised and showed how much we appreciate her by a pep rally with the students singing and dancing for her. Click here for the photos. Fayetteville Middle School Our Middle school honored Doctor Wilson by presenting her with posters and gifts during our...
9 Dec

Benton County: Superintendent Appreciation Day Celebrations

Briarwood School The A -team helped collect can goods for the local food pantry.  Mr. Mark Florence was the jewel in the treasure.  Signs were made and Mr. Florence was presented with more than 400 canned goods. Click here for the photos. Camden Elementary School Superintendent Day at Camden...
9 Dec

Fairview: Superintendent Appreciation Day Celebrations

Fairview Elementary School Fairview Elementary held a coin drive to honor our Director of Schools. Our students brought in $306.47 to be given to Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties. Pictured are our A-team and our Director of Schools, Larry Foster. Click here for the photos. Grand Oaks...
9 Dec

Anderson County: Superintendent Appreciation Day Celebrations

Anderson County Career and Technical School Superintendent Appreciation Day penny drive went over pretty well!! Also the A team made Mr. Foster our fearless leader a card and had staff and students sign it. It turned out to be a pretty good day!! Click here for the photos. Anderson...
3 Dec

Fun Announcements – Thursday Tip

It’s important to make the announcements fun for the students to hear to get them excited about the upcoming appreciation day activities. Encourage the students making the announcements to practice together before reading them over the intercom. Here is a quick video explaining why it is important.  
30 Nov

Clinton Middle School celebrates Superintendent Foster

Clinton Middle School is a great example of how this program really can work in the middle school setting. Below is their summary of Superintendent Appreciation Day. What a great day! Read this and get LOST in the celebration Indiana Jones-style: What would CMS be without the amazing Larry...