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4 May

Johnson County-Principal Day Celebrations

Johnson County High School – We had to celebrate late due to several days of inclement weather and school closures. We gave our principals a special mascot switch plate and a gift card. The kids loved telling them how much they are appreciated. Click here for the photos.
4 May

Jackson County-Principal Day Celebrations

Gainesboro Elementary School – We celebrated Principal Appreciation Day today, because we were out of school for snow last week. We made a large sign of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and we had the principal and assistant principal stand with their faces showing for a picture. Afterwards, the...
4 May

Hamblen County-Principal Day Celebrations

Hillcrest Elementary School – We finally got back from our “snowcation” and got to honor our great principals! We began the day with fun announcements with the William Tell Overture in the background. The “A” team made a sign that said “Our Principals Keep Us On Target”! Click here...
4 May

Fentress County-Principal Day Celebrations

Clarkrange High School – Clarkrange FCCLA celebrated Principal Appreciation Day during the month of February with a Lone Ranger theme. FCCLA members created a banner of cactus lettering thanking our principals for “standing for truth, justice and our school.” Flyers were also copied on colorful paper and hung throughout...
4 May

Fayetteville-Principal Day Celebrations

Fayetteville Middle School – Fayetteville Middle School with Fayetteville City Schools is greatly proud of our Principal Mr Wilson and two Assistant Principals, Doc Styles and Mrs Jean. They are a complete team for our school and we couldn’t ask for better!’ Click here for the photos. Fayetteville High...
4 May

Decatur County-Principal Appreciation Day

Decaturville Elementary School-Principal appreciation day. The 3rd grade students sang and gave gifts and thank you cards to Mrs. Melinda. Click here for the photos.