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1 Jan

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to our members.  We have some fun and exciting appreciation days planned for 2022. We will also be awarding more than $1 Million in mini grants to our members again this year.  Apply for your mini grant if you haven’t already done so.
23 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. May the rest of your week be filled with good food, great memories and lots of rest. We are thankful for you and everything you do to make this world a better place. Happy Thanksgiving!
4 Oct

There will be 9 Lucky Star and Awesome Notes winners every appreciation day!

Our Trustees voted to increase the number of winners of the Lucky Star Random Drawing and the Awesome Notes Random Drawing from 3 to 9 for each appreciation day! That means there will be: 3 Lucky Star winners from East Tennessee (elementary/middle/high school); 3 Lucky Star winners from Middle...
26 Aug

Amy Lafayette added to our Utrust staff

  We are excited to announce Amy Lafayette as an addition to the Utrust staff as a consultant. Amy is fun, witty, intelligent and kind-hearted. She will work closely with the G-Force Advisers to help cultivate the attitude of gratitude in our schools across Tennessee. She has already hit...
17 Aug

New School Coordinator Information

If you are a new school coordinator, here are some helpful tips to get you started: Click on this link for an account to gain access to our website for all kinds of information if you don’t already have one. All appreciation packets are on our website including the...
12 Jul

Getting ready for Registration Night/Parent Night

Before registration day (or parent night or open house), create a poster board enlisting parents to participate in the Utrust Appreciation Program. Make the board very specific to your needs with information including the names of the appreciation days and things you want. Ask for items such as: water...