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26 May

Great appreciation is over, let summer begin!

The 2019-20 appreciation year ended in a crazy way but that does not shadow all the great things that happened all over our great State of Tennessee. Coordinators and students...Read More
3 May

A-Team and G-Force certificates available

Coordinators are encouraged to send personalized A-Team certificates to their students who have served their school so well this year. A G-Force certificate link is also available. Both certificates are...Read More
24 Apr

Support Staff Day recap

Appreciation continues even during quarantine and social distancing. School coordinators are coming up with creative ways to highlight and honor the last 2 groups of honorees-Support Staff and Teachers. Support...Read More
21 Apr

COVID-19 Information

We have been diligently working to best understand the recent legislation dealing with unemployment to provide assistance to our membership.  We have been in contact with representatives from Lamar Alexander’s...Read More
6 Apr

Appreciation is On-going!

Even though COVID-19 has wrecked havoc in life as we know it, it will not stop appreciation! School will not be in session for our last 2 appreciation days but...Read More
5 Dec

Fun-Filled Utrust Appreciation Dinner

You would have had to have been there in order to enjoy the evening to its fullest extent, but the Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner was filled with hilarious moments. Minnie...Read More