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30 Jun

Johnson County Support Staff Day Celebrations

Johnson County Middle School – For this appreciation day we gave the Support staff cards and a gift certificate to get a hanging basket. Click here for the photos.
30 Jun

Jackson County Support Staff Day Celebrations

Gainesboro Elementary School – Today we celebrated Support Staff Appreciation Day. On Monday, Mr. Joe Barlow, our Director of Schools, came by to recognize the good work our support staff does for all of us everyday. Today, teachers brought food, and we provided a lunch for our support staff....
30 Jun

Hawkins County Teacher Day Celebrations

Carter’s Valley Elementary School – Carter’s Valley celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day on May 6th.  Door prizes were awarded door prizes throughout the day with everything from exercise accessories to selfie sticks! We dressed in Nautical/Beach attire and sailed away to a room decorated for the beach.  We enjoyed a...
30 Jun

Sumner County Teacher Day Celebrations

North Sumner Elementary School – Since it is the end of the school year, we wanted to create a small memento for each classroom teacher. We decided to create a picture with each student’s thumbprints.  Going with the nautical theme, students chose if they wanted to create a bird...
30 Jun

Johnson County Teacher Day Celebrations

Johnson County High School – We partnered with some local churches to provide a special meal for our teachers. Students decorated the library to make a delightful place for teachers to peacefully enjoy their lunch. Students greeted teachers as they walked in on a red carpet by holding the...
30 Jun

Trousdale County Teacher Day Celebrations

Jim Satterfield Middle School – JSMS honored our teachers with special treats this week. We enjoyed sailing through this school year with the best teachers ever. Click here for the photos. Trousdale County High School – We celebrated our teachers on May 6th with treats and goodie bags! We...