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Press Releases

Kristi Coleman Receives Extraordinary Service Award

Sumner is Home to Utrust Appreciation Program

2013 Press Releases

KDDC Writing Comp Winner

Camden Elementary Brightest Star

Camden Jr Writing Comp Winner

Crockett Co Writing Comp Winner

Bridwell Award Named

Van Buren Bridwell Award

Hawkins Co Best EAP

Hawkins Co Writing Comp Winners

Humphreys Co Bridwell Award

Trousdale Co Wrintng Comp Winners

Fayetteville School Board Bridwell Winner

Carroll Co Writing Comp Winner

Archived News Releases

Regina Waller Wins Re-Election as Utrust Trustee

Jasper Taylor Wins Re-Election as Utrust Trustee

David Jones Re-Elected as Utrust Board Chairman

Dorothy Bond: Making A Difference in Haywood High School

David Jones is Re-Elected as Utrust Chairman

Don Weathers is Re-Elected as Utrust Vice Chairman

West View Middle Students Write Prize-Winning Essays

Rhonda Winstead Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Chesnea Skeen Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Sherry Price Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Bailey and Crawford Write Prize-Winning Essay

Ivy McCosh Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Jordan Murphy Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Weatherford Writes Prize-Winning Essay

Trousdale County 2010 Writing Competition Winners

Norma Tate Elected to Utrust Board of Trustees

Hawkins County Wins 2010 EAP Award

Jackson County Wins 2010 EAP Award

Charlotte Britton- An Outstanding Leader

Zerafin Guardian-The Germinator

Regina Waller-Advisory Team Member

Trousdale County-Teacher Appreciation Video

David Jones News Release-May, 2010

Don Weathers News Release-May, 2010

Hawkins County-Award Winner-Employee Appreciation Program

Jackson County-Award Winner-Employee Appreciation Program

Wilson County Award Winner-Employee Appreciation Program

Schools Excluded From Fed Funds for Unemployment Compensation Benefits

David Jones Re-elected as Board Chairman-May 18, 2009