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Special Area Teachers Day

Why do we have Special Area Teachers Day different from Teacher Day?

  1. Special Teachers are different from classroom teachers so they should be celebrated in their own way.
  2. When Special Teachers are celebrated with the classroom teachers on Teacher Day, they get lost and do not get honored the way they should.
  3. Special Teachers are special and unique and deserve their own appreciation day.
  4. Special Teachers Day activities are geared specifically to honor the Special Teachers for the services they provide all year.
  5. Classroom teacher appreciation day activities are designed to use their students in their homeroom. Special Teachers do not have a homeroom.
  6. Classroom teachers want to help celebrate Special Teachers because they are so special to them throughout the year.
  7. Because there are so many classroom teachers, Special Teachers need to help celebrate them on their day.

These are teachers who do not have a homeroom.

List of Special Area Teachers includes:

Music teachers
Art teachers
PE teachers
Technology Teachers

School counselors
Speech teachers

Special Area Teachers Day will be celebrated using the Monster’s, Inc. theme. The students and staff members will have a blast with this fun theme!

Special Teachers Day is set for Thursday, March 7, 2024. The Lucky Star and Awesome Notes deadline is set for Friday, March 22nd.

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