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Paparazzi Team Adviser

Responsibilities of the Paparazzi Team Adviser

You have been selected to be the team adviser for the paparazzi team.   As a team adviser, you will have the responsibility for leading a group of 4 to 6 students in planning the celebrations for each appreciation day. 

All of the information you will need to carry out the responsibilities as the paparazzi team adviser are included in each appreciation packet including an agenda to help keep your meetings efficient and effective.

You will have the role of providing the following support to the students in your group:

  1. Encourage each member of the paparazzi team to write a sincere thank you note incorporating the theme to a member of the group being honored for each appreciation day.  When possible, have a team member write an individualized note to each person in the group being celebrated.
  2. Ensure the equipment needed to film the preparations and celebrations is made available for use by the team whether that be by using personal cell phones or cameras or school cameras to capture the special moments.
  3. Plan with team members what photos and videos to shoot to tell a story.  Provide tips and feedback on video and photos taken by them.
  4. Help students package the photos and video taken into a keepsake for the honorees through a Youtube/Vimeo video,  Smilebox, Powerpoint or other available method.
  5. Have a member of the Paparazzi participate in the presentations to honorees to present them with a card with information about the link to the keepsake and how to access it .
  6. Have team members upload the pictures and/or video to dropcanvas and email to Utrust ( Utrust will provide a link to the photos and videos that you can share with your school webmaster so the school and community can enjoy them. The link will remain the same for all appreciation days throughout the year.