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Best School System Appreciation Program Award


Showing employees that you appreciate their work is an essential part of creating a positive workplace environment and we commend you for doing so. That’s why we’re going to be giving an annual award to the school system in each grand division of the state: East, Middle and West with the most outstanding appreciation program.

Utrust provides materials to honor specific groups of employees throughout the year, but how you actually honor your employees will determine which school system wins.

This award is self nominating and based on the criteria included in the nomination form below. Deadline for nominations is Friday, October 18, 2024.  Keep track of your accomplishments in the program and share them with your community by uploading your videos and pictures by one of two methods: (1) upload them to the Utrust Coordinators Facebook group or (2) through

Each of the regional winners will be presented an award at our annual Utrust Member Awards Dinner in November.

Each school participating in the Utrust Appreciation Program in each of the three systems that win the Best School System Award will receive $100 for use by their A-team.

Best School Utrust Appreciation Form

  • Check the days celebrated and the days where you used the Utrust theme, the A-Team, the community and when a story was written for the media, school website, newsletter or yearbook.