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Classified Employees Contracts

In an overwhelming number of school districts in Tennessee the lowest paid employees have no income when interruptions such as snow days come along.  Most of these employees live from paycheck to paycheck so they are left with little income to feed their families.  They are forced to file for unemployment but still they go through some tough times.

Board members and superintendents in Tennessee are not pleased with such a situation but few have done anything to remedy the situation.  Here is a solution that not only provides a steady income for your lowest paid employees and improves morale but also actually saves your school system significant dollars in the process. All Utrust member boards are encouraged to create a win/win situation by entering into a contract with classified employees such as the sample contract which follows.

This can also be accomplished by adopting a policy to provide that these employees will work for a certain number of days and be paid an annual sum for such work including continuing to pay them for snow or other emergency days or simply developing a practice of paying employees during emergency closings.

Download Contracts for Classified Employee