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What is the UAP?


Why an Appreciation Program?

“Appreciation is a basic skill.  It is every bit as important to a student’s success as any subject studied in school.” Dan Tollett, Utrust Administrator

  • Employees make a difference in students’ lives every day and students need to be aware of that fact.
  • Appreciation creates better work and learning environments.
  • Appreciation is a basic skill that all students need to succeed in life.
  • People don’t know they are appreciated unless someone tells them.
  • Structured and intentional appreciation ensures everyone is honored.
  • Showing appreciation is a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of strong leadership.
  • Students are given an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

The Utrust Appreciation Program helps students and their school communities recognize and show appreciation to school employees who make a difference in the lives of students each day.  Utrust provides a model for schools and school districts to use to recognize and celebrate employees. The model divides employees into eight groups and establishes student leadership teams to actively honor and recognize the employees in each group. Read more

School District Members of Utrust

How To Join

All members of Utrust can access the Appreciation Program packets and activities completely free! Your membership in the UAP is covered by your membership in Utrust. All you have to do to start taking advantage of this fantastic program is follow a few simple steps. It’s as easy as 1.2.3. so jump in and be a part of the difference that the UAP makes.

School systems just beginning the UAP need to select a system coordinator and give them these 3 things to do to get registered and then start enjoying the difference gratitude makes!!

  1. Contact us at 615-714-4190 or by email djohnson@utrust.org
  2. Set up a 1 hour meeting between your principals and Utrust staff
  3. Set up a meeting with your school coordinators and principals


School Districts Not Members of Utrust

How to Join & What it Costs

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Utrust at 615-714-4190 or by e-mail at djohnson@utrust.org.