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What is the A-Team?

What is the A-Team (printable PDF)
What is the A-Team (video)

The A-Team is a group of 12-18 students who lead the school in implementing the Utrust Appreciation Program. The responsibility of the A-Team is to plan activities in detail and enlist other students as well as the staff and community to help carry out specific responsibilities in the celebration of the eight appreciation days during the school year.

The A-Team starts its work for each appreciation day by developing a plan and assigning members to lead the activities for the celebration of the appreciation day.  The goal is to honor school employees for the work they do with students each day, help students develop an attitude of gratitude and develop student leadership.

How Does the A-Team Work?

The A-Team is divided into three crews: an Action Crew to make contacts and lead activities; a Creative Crew to design posters and other artistic creations; and the Paparazzi Crew to tell the story of each appreciation day through photos, videos and written accounts.

The Action Crew

The Creative Crew

The Paparazzi Crew

A-Team Contract

Get your A-Team to sign a contract letting them know the expectations of being on the team and to enlist their commitment to put forth their best effort.  Edit the following A-Team contract to meet the needs of your school:

Download A-Team Contract (Word Doc)

A-Team Certificate

Honor the A-Team students for their hard work at the end of the school year by presenting them with a personalized certificate at awards day. The certificate is a Word Doc that can be modified to suit your school.

Download A-Team certificate (Word Doc)

 A-Team Grant Application Form

At the beginning of the school year, each school in a Utrust member system that submits this completed form and agrees to the terms above will receive an Appreciation grant from Utrust in the form of a $200 check made payable to your school or a $300 grant if you also have a G-Force.  The deadline for submission is September 30th.