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Action Team Adviser

Responsibilities of the Action Team Adviser

You have been selected to be the team adviser for the action team.   As a team adviser, you will have the responsibility for leading a group of 4 to 6 students in planning the celebrations for each appreciation day.

All of the information you will need to carry out the responsibilities as the action team adviser are included in each appreciation packet including an agenda to help keep your meetings efficient and effective.

You will have the role of providing the following support to the students in your group:

  1. Encourage each member of the action team to write a sincere thank you note incorporating the theme to a member of the group being honored for each appreciation day. When possible, have them write individualized notes to each person in the group being celebrated.
  2. Select students to perform the announcements. Have them practice and then provide helpful suggestions to ensure they use inflection and humor to make them fun and interesting. Get permission from the principal for the students to make the announcements and let the students know what days the announcements should be made.
  3. Rehearse with students how to conduct a call to community supporters who have agreed to help including sharing date, times and location items need to be delivered for the special day.
  4. Ensure a marquee message is selected and students are assigned to put it up in advance of the appreciation day.
  5. Make sure an action team member informs the music teacher or other designated staff member when and where the students need to sing the song to the employees being honored.

You play a big part in making each appreciation day special for the honorees. The more enthusiasm your action team expresses in carrying out their responsibilities, the more fun it will be and the more it will honor those you seek to honor.