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Creative Team Adviser

Responsibilities of the Creative Team Adviser

You have been selected to be the team adviser for the creative team. As a team adviser, you will have the responsibility for leading a group of 4 to 6 students in planning out the celebrations for each appreciation day.

All of the information you will need to carry out the responsibilities as the creative team adviser are included in each appreciation packet including an agenda to help keep your meetings efficient and effective. You will have the role of providing the following support to the students in your group:

  1. Encourage each member of the creative team to write a sincere thank you note incorporating the theme to a member of the group being honored for each appreciation day. When possible, have them write individualized notes to each person in the group being celebrated.
  2. Ensure supplies are available for students to use to make posters and signs to show appreciation to the honorees using the theme and have them post them around the school.
  3. Have students make signs, posters and decorate goodie bags for the honorees . If candy bars or water bottles are provided as tokens of appreciation, have them make labels for them or use the ones provided in the packet.
  4. Work with the A-Team on how the thank you notes and any tokens of appreciation will be presented to the honorees on the appreciation day to make it special.

You play a big part in making each appreciation day special for the honorees. The more creative your creative team can be, the more fun it will be and the more it will honor those you seek to honor.