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Appreciation Grant Application Form

For participating members of the Utrust Appreciation Program, in order to qualify for an Appreciation Grant, you must have completed each of the 4 requirements below for the prior year and agree to the following for the current year.  
If you are implementing the Utrust Appreciation Program for the first time this school year, you must agree to the following for the current year:
  1. Our school has a functioning A-Team (Appreciation Team) that is participating in the Utrust Appreciation Program.
  2. We will participate in all eight of the designated Utrust appreciation days during this school year.
  3. We will use the $200 received through this A-Team grant exclusively to purchase supplies for the A-Team to carry out the Utrust Appreciation Program.
  4. We will post photos/videos and a summary of activities for each of the 8 appreciation days on the Utrust Coordinators Closed Group Facebook page to share with fellow coordinators across the state. (This also provides documentation to our auditors that the intended purpose was achieved).

If your school had a G-Force (Gratitude Force) made up of 2 students from each homeroom classroom or if you will commit to implementing a G-Force this school year in addition to having an A-Team, you are eligible to receive a $300 A-Team grant.  

In order for this to be available,  you must check the box designating you have a G-Force.  If you will be implementing a G-Force this school year, you must note this in the comment section below in order to be eligible for the additional funds.

At the beginning of the school year, each school in a Utrust member system that submits this completed form and agrees to the terms above will receive an Appreciation grant from Utrust in the form of a $200 check made payable to your school or a $300 grant if you also have a G-Force.  The deadline for submission is September 30, 2018.