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Creative Crew

Creative Crew Responsibilities (print)
Creative Crew (video)

The Creative Crew is one of three groups that make up the A-Team.  The Creative Crew is usually made up of 4-6 students. Using the packets provided, they get things done to make each appreciation day a success including the following:

  1. Design and write thank you notes using the theme to the honorees for each appreciation day. When possible, write individualized notes to each honoree in the group.
  2. Make posters and signs to show appreciation to the honorees using the theme and post them around the school.
  3. Decorate goodie bags for each honoree on their special day.
  4. If candy bars or water bottles are included in the tokens of appreciation, make labels for them or print the ones included in each packet.
  5. Design a poster or banner to use as backdrop for photos on the appreciation day.
  6. Participate in the presentation for each appreciation day.

The Creative Crew has an adult adviser, usually a faculty member.

Creative Crew Video