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“The G-Force offers more leadership opportunities to students than all other organizations in the school put together.” Dan Tollett

What is the G-Force (printable PDF)

What the G-Force Is (video)

What is the G-Force

In the Utrust model, the G-Force consists of two students from each homeroom chosen by the homeroom teacher. 

The job of the G-Force is to build an attitude of gratitude within the school throughout the year.  They do this by enlisting and mentoring classmates in their homeroom to recognize the contributions of others and to be intentional about expressing appreciation to both school employees and classmates throughout the year, not just on appreciation days. The G-Force is assigned an employee or employee group every month by the G-Force Adviser. They encourage classmates to observe their fellow students as well as staff and to be certain that they do what they can to make sure that they are valued as an important part of the school family.

G-Force members are encouraged to consider various ways of  making appreciation contacts and/or tagging classmates to do so.  

  1. Both G-Force members go together to express appreciation to a staff member in the group assigned to your class. 
  2. Each G-Force member selects a classmate to go with him/her to express appreciation to a staff member
  3. Together, the two G-Force members tag two classmates to go together to express appreciation to an assigned staff member
  4. G-Force members consistently observe classmates to see who needs encouragement or appreciation.  Then, they contact as well as encourage a fellow student to contact the classmate who needs recognition to make them feel valued and accepted .

Goal of the G-Force

The goal is to provide an opportunity for every student in the school to be involved in building an attitude of gratitude in the school and ensure that every school employee receives expressions of appreciation from students that is specific and sincere throughout the year, not just on their appreciation day.

Why You Need a G-Force

The Utrust Appreciation Program is designed to transform the culture of a school to one where everyone recognizes the contributions of others and expresses gratitude to them throughout the year.

In order to accomplish this goal, as many people as possible need be involved in expressing appreciation.  It is vital to get widespread student participation in the program.

G-Force members ensure that every student is aware of the goals and activities of the Utrust Appreciation Program and participates in it.

In most cases, the G-Force offers more opportunity for student leadership development than all other organizations in the school combined

As G-Force members become skilled in expressing appreciation and helping classmates learn to express appreciation, the culture of the school changes. Student behavior is better. Student-staff relationships improve. Spirits are lifted and morale improves. The school becomes a better place to learn and work as everyone is appreciated and everyone appreciates.

How to Establish a G-Force

Follow six easy steps to establish your G-Force.

  1. The principal selects a G-Force Adviser.
  2. The principal asks each homeroom teacher to select two students to be on the G-Force and submit the names of the students to the G-Force Adviser. The principal follows up the request with an e-mail reminder. Click here for sample memo.
  3. The homeroom teacher chooses two G-Force members and sends their names to the G-Force Adviser.
  4. The G-Force Adviser holds an organizational meeting and collects contact information, explains what is expected of G-Force members and informs G-Force members how they will be informed about their assignments. (The G-Force adviser may want to take a photograph and submit it along with the G-Force member’s names to the school newspaper or facebook page).
  5. The G-Force Adviser posts or sends to G-Force members Monthly Mission assignments. Utrust will create a Google Classroom for G-Force Advisers to help communicate with students upon request.
  6. At the end of the year, the G-Force Adviser prints a Leadership Award  certificate for each G-Force member and presents it on awards day.

Incentives for G-Force Members

Students have a chance to win $100 at the end of each semester if they make 6 or more contacts throughout the semester. To be eligible, they must turn in the names of at least 6 successful contacts to their G-Force Adviser.  Successful contacts are when a G-Force member or a classmate they have tagged intentionally contacts a staff member or a classmate to express appreciation to them for something specific. The G-Force Adviser will submit the names of the eligible G-Force students to Utrust.

G- Force Certificate

This certificate of recognition and appreciation should be presented to each member of the G-Force at the end of the school year on awards day.

How the G-Force Works