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“The G-Force offers more leadership opportunities to students than all other organizations in the school put together.” Dan Tollett

What is the G-Force (printable PDF)

What the G-Force Is (video)

What is the G-Force

The G-Force consists of two studentsG-Force Students from each homeroom chosen by the homeroom teacher in whatever manner s/he chooses. Read more

G-Force Assignments

The G-Force builds an attitude of gratitude within their class in the following two ways: Read more

Why You Need a G-Force

The Utrust Appreciation Program is designed to transform the culture of a school to one where everyone recognizes the contributions of others and expresses gratitude to them throughout the year.

In order to accomplish this goal, as many people as possible must be involved in small ways.  It is vital to get widespread student participation in the program.

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How to Establish a G-Force

Follow six easy steps to establish your G-Force.Read more

G- Force Certificate

This certificate of recognition and appreciation should be presented to each member of the G-Force at the end of the school year on awards day.

What the G-Force Is