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Principal’s Role

“In a school with a culture of recognition and appreciation both students and staff do more than is expected; courtesy is common and relationships are warmer and friendlier. Appreciation is not an option, it is essential.”  Dan Tollett

Principal’s Role (print)
Principal’s Role (video)

The Utrust Appreciation Program (UAP) has proven to be a great asset for participating schools and school districts. It provides an opportunity to improve employee morale by recognizing and honoring employees. It can also be fun and educational for students.

The Principal is the Key. The principal is the key to the success of the program. Our model will produce excellent results if the principal fully supports the program and encourages faculty and staff to participate. The program is built on the notion that, “Everyone Does a Little So No One Does a Lot.” This results in a successful program where everyone has a small portion of responsibility to make the appreciation days the best they can be. The more staff members involved, the better the program.

To start an employee appreciation program in a school, the principal should:

1. Appoint a School Coordinator. The School Coordinator will work with the A-Team to help plan out the celebrations for the appreciation days. Consider appointing a guidance counselor, assistant principal, librarian, related arts teacher or a strong support staff member. The person must be organized, able to enlist support and delegate responsibility.

2. Appoint a G-Force Adviser. The G-Force Adviser is the champion of the G-Force. This person makes certain that G-Force members understand the responsibilities and it encourages them from time to time as they carry out these responsibilities. The G-Force Adviser also share specific assignments and monthly missions with the G-Force members.

3. Appoint A-Team AdvisersWith the help of the school coordinator, select three advisers for the A-Team (Action, Creative and Paparazzi).

4. Ask Homeroom Teachers to Appoint G-Force Members. Each homeroom is represented on the G-Force by two students selected by the homeroom teacher.  Click here for a sample memo to send out to the teachers to identify G-Force members.

5.  Ask Teachers to Thank a Student each quarter.  In a faculty meeting, encourage teachers to select a student each quarter and thank them for the impact they make at school each day.

6. Support the Program. This program will flourish with the principal’s strong support. The principal can boost the program tremendously by encouraging every student and staff member to support and participate in the program to honor and recognize the work of the A-Team and the G-Force.

The Utrust website contains information about the various roles used in our model, including the School Coordinator, G-Force Adviser, G-Force, A-Team and A-Team advisers. These guides help staff and students in leading the school to have a successful employee appreciation program.

Principal’s Role